The pundits and establishment democrats are insisting this is now a two person race and everybody not named Biden and Sanders MUST drop out. I believe Klobacher (because she sees herself as a good soldier), Buttigieg (because he is looking to the future) and Bloomberg (because his ego can’t handle it) will drop out after Super Tuesday. Elizabeth Warren will not drop out. She has no reason to. She is not interested in consolidating some mythical moderate lane. She agrees more with Bernie than with Biden. Most important, she promised the people who work for her and donate to her that she wouldn’t.  The others dropping out may also be beneficial to her campaign.

The idea that Klobacher voters and Buttigieg voters will immediately go to Biden is based on pundit mythology. Consolidating the middle lane. i would suggest a number, especially those angry if they think their candidates were forced out by Biden and his supporters, will go to Warren (a few will also go to Sanders).  If all others back out Biden will appear in the next debate with just Sanders and Warren. I suggest he will be badly damaged in that debate. Another myth is that debates don’t matter. Please tell that to Michael Bloomberg. They cannot advance a candidate but they can certainly harm one. Warren (who will be implored to attack Bernie by everybody — at least do that if you don’t drop out) and Sanders will tag team Biden. Warren wants a one on one with Bernie (a no lose for progressives) not with Biden (where there will be a constant stream of vicious attacks from the press). A wounded Biden will limp towards the convention. Warren will begin to pick up delegates. Sanders will still enter the convention with the most delegates, Biden will be second, but Elizabeth Warren will have enough delegates to create a majority with Bernie. What happens from there is anybody’s guess.

Warren will not drop out. That is my prediction. She sees her path and will not be intimidated. She will persist.

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