I was focusing so much on getting rid of Tea Party lunatic Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky that I missed a way that Kentucky Democrats might have to shaft Moscow Mitch this November.  Kentucky has stupidly been running its statewide offices in odd years, and all the major offices are up this November — governor, lt. governor, attorney general, secretary of state, agricultural commissioner, auditor, and treasurer.  And guess what a certain Russian loving turtle has been up to with regards to some of those races?  Yes, Moscow Mitch got two of his Sith acolytes to be the Republican nominees for attorney general and secretary state:  Daniel Cameron for state AG and Michael Adams for state SOS.

And we all know how important state attorney generals and secretary of states are, especially in this age of Trump.

So how bad are Cameron and Adams?  It should go without saying that if they worked for Moscow Mitch that they are by definition terrible.  Cameron, however, has been gaining more of the spotlight for being terrible or evil. 

For starters, Cameron supports Trump.  OK.  All Republicans have to say “Heil Trump!”  But did I mention that Cameron is black?

It’s little things like women supporting Trump, or some Latino, or some member of the LGBTQ community who gets up on camera to sing the praises of Trump that catches your attention, at least for me.

Anyway, Cameron is not just any Trump supporter.  And he has not just worked for Moscow Mitch.  I will let the Courier-Journal give you how awful Cameron is:

Cameron's candidacy benefits greatly from his father-son relationship with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He served as the Republican lawmaker's general counsel, and it was noticeable that McConnell, who usually leaves after his Fancy Farm speech, stuck around to listen to Cameron's.



And McConnell has been pushing Cameron as the next generation of conservatives and a super star.  This has not gone unnoticed by at least one black activist — Dawn Elliot.

But black voters may also find it hard to embrace Cameron after he was endorsed by President Donald Trump, who is loathed by more than a few African American voters.

“How does a person of color proudly flaunt an endorsement from a president who is clearly racist and is determined to oppress the very people that gave Mr. Cameron life?” asked Dawn Elliott, co-host of D&D Spill the Tea, a radio program on WLOU 1350, the city's oldest black gospel station.

And Elliot went on to throw some more shade at Cameron:

Elliott, a civil rights attorney who was part of the legal team in Kentucky’s same-sex marriage lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015, said the Trump association is a disqualification.

“My suggestion to Mr. Cameron is to stop eating the 'Coon Flakes' the White House is serving,” she said. “Daniel is slapping all the black ancestors in the face. All their hard work, struggles and even death means nothing to him.

And you can image that the “Coon Flakes” comment got under Republicans’ skin.


And Republican U.S. Senator Tim Scott displayed his umbrage at Elliot:

That post, which had been retweeted more than 12,000 times as of Tuesday, caught the eye of U.S. Sen. Tim Scott. The Republican from South Carolina blasted the comments by Elliott, who is also black, in an appearance Monday night on Fox News' “The Ingraham Angle.”

“No. 1, President Trump has endorsed the African American Republican candidate in Kentucky, Daniel Cameron,” Scott, the only black Republican in the U.S. Senate, told guest host Jason Chaffetz, who brought up the comments after the two discussed Trump's views on race. “Two, you’ve not heard a single Democrat presidential candidate speak out — not even an iota — against these absolute vile comments against Daniel Cameron. And three, we’re going to consistently prove why Trump voters voted for me in South Carolina, Daniel Cameron in the Republican primary in Kentucky … the Democrats have nothing else to run on.”

He appeard on the “The Ingraham Angle.”  ‘Nuff said.

So will Moscow Mitch succeed and get his cronies in at state AG and SOS?  Doesn’t look too good for now:

An internal Democratic poll released on Friday found that the party is on track to sweep the top three statewide elections in Kentucky this November.

Incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Bevin trails former Democratic state Attorney General Andy Beshear 48 to 39 percent, according to a poll conducted by Clarity Campaign Labs on behalf of the Democratic Attorneys General Association.

The poll also found that former Democratic state House Speaker Greg Stumbo leads Republican Daniel Cameron by 46 to 39 percent in the attorney general race and former Miss America Heather French Henry, a Democrat, leads Republican Michael Adams 52-37 in the secretary of state race.

I think if the Kentucky Democrats wanted to give Moscow Mitch some trouble they need to make sure that Stumbo and Henry win this November.  

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