Donald Trump

When people who are supposed to be governing, half of the country is being abused.   

I know some personal things happening from deep red republican judges also allowing things

to happen that is not upholding the law.  

I can’t even go into what is happening personally from even judges not upholding Ga. law but it is affecting a 10 year old who just lost her Mother.   

I see all you have to do is give money to Marjorie and the law is thrown out the window.  People had

better be ready for the storm that is surely coming.

Gatez and Taylor are dangerous and nobody took the Tea Party seriously and look where we are.

All I can think is WAKE UP …There is no go along to get along..These people are gunning for us.

They are stoking the second civil war.   That is a fact.  The more they can use the 2nd amendment and call good people Nazis and project as they are doing..the closer that storm is coming.

Look, when these red areas that Taylor is overseeing them starts affecting you PERSONALLY, you will feel like I do.

There is no law in this country being upheld that is  favorable to minorities, non Trump supporters, but if you are like Gaetz and can get your hands on underage kids, and then scream projection, it is insane.  Storming the capitol without republican wanting investigation?  Is this Freedom?

The cult is taking over this country.  Too many believe President Biden is not president.

You better believe there is a storm coming.  If we cannot trust the law and justice dept. and people who respect the rule of law to rid us of these domestic terrorists, you better believe a storm is coming.

  • May 29, 2021