There is no defense in pulling an apprehended suspect out of a squad car once in custody.

I am watching the murder trial and I am flabbergasted as what I am witnessing as a former police dispatcher.   Witness #1 KNEW there was something terribly wrong when she observed the suspect being pulled from the squad car after being apprehended.   This is just something you know.  It is also something that is NOT done.

One does not just walk into a police station and sit down dispatching.   There is much training and certification on telecommunications and since I was a dispatcher, more technology is available and to look at that video of George Floyd being escorted and placed in a squad car in handcuffs, then removed made my jaw drop.   I can only imagine what the dispatcher who dispatched officers to Cub foods thought.

The role of police is to apprehend suspects who are being accused of crimes without incident.  To actually pull a suspect by 3 or 4 officers once apprehended and secured rest assured those doors don’t open from the inside, IS NOT DONE.  I have nerver ever heard of such a thing.

The dispatcher absolutely did the right thing by calling the superior.   

Defense is trying to discredit her by hammering she is not a trained police officer.  No not in the academy but she is trained to do what she does and certified and takes an oath.

  • March 29, 2021
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