There is a diary up and everyone should be reading. America…We are losing democracy in real time.

I am going to rant on this.   Adam Schiff just begged people to realize we cannot vote these people out while IT the Orange Dictator and his republican soldiers are in charge.  He did not say that but he begged just one republican to show backbone and realize what is happening.   We can’t vote him out, I say.   He called Ukraine the very next day after the Muller report.  Take those rose colored glasses off and realize our voting from here on out may be like that of Russia.  YOUR life is about to change when we have no oversight and no three branches of government.   

We have a Dictator.  Face the facts.  He thinks he is Putin and the American people with a working brain cell  know it and going down without a whimper thinking Bernie or Biden or Warren can come to the rescue.  I wish they could.  I hope they can but I would say after Wed. the republic is dead.  It will look alive in a zombie form but no oversight and Trump writing executive orders and doing as he pleases with a corrupt cabinet and senate, things will resemble a monarchy more than a republic.…  Here is the diary you should be reading and we need a plan.  VOTE but be ready for what comes after November.   Is this diary fatalistic? is indeed realistic.

  • February 3, 2020