There goes Coulter, there go low-information voters, there goes a chunk of his base. What's left?

I could post the entire transcript of Donald Trump’s Rose Garden address, but what’s the point?

It all boils down to this:

“We’re ending the government shutdown, blah blah blah, lie lie lie, I’m a huge fucking loser.”

And if that’s too detailed for you, basically he got up to the podium and ate shit for 20 minutes like it was crème brûlée.

And with that, Trump has lost Ann Coulter.

Trump has angered much of his base.

Trump has lost federal workers.

Trump has lost low-information voters with a shred of a soul.

Trump has further angered and galvanized the left.

Not much left, is there?



Meanwhile, WTF? Did I hear this right?

“We do not need 2,000 miles of concrete wall from sea to shining sea. We never proposed that.”

Seriously, dude?

Luckily, my X-Men power is that I’m immune to gaslighting.

Enjoy the rest of your day, Donald. I’m sure Boy Kush can save you.



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