There Glows The Neighborhood! Couple Painting House Rainbow After Bigot Neighbor Harasses Them.

NBC News

“When Lisa Licata, 43, and her wife, Sherry Lau, 56, first saw what would eventually become their home in the Pittsburgh suburb of Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, they thought it was perfect. But soon after they moved in, they said they realized their neighbors were not.

“The woman who lives next door to us said, ‘I’m so glad you guys bought this house,’” Licata recalled. “She then added, ‘I was afraid the black family was going to get it.’”

After several years of the neighbors from hell calling them names and even shooting their woozel with a BB gun Lisa and Sherry came up with an appropriate response.

“Licata said that while “99 percent” of the feedback has been positive since they started painted the side of their house a few weeks ago, there are people who have sided with the neighbors and said “we should be low key and not let anyone know we’re gay.”

“But why?” Licata asked. “With straight marriages, you don't have to be low key, so why should we have to be?”

No reason, no reason at all ladies.
Lisa and Sherry

Keep smiling!