The Republicans admit 50 years of gaslighting.

The Great Orange Snowflake only profited from their hateful agenda.

Like many I learnt very early on that I was an object of their vile venom, as did millions of people of colour, LGBT, women, people that pointed out their hatred and those even vaguely left of centre.

  • They have stoked the hurt of income inequality.
  • They have stirred the pot of racial hatred.
  • They have danced joyously on the pinhead of division.

Now when caught in flagrante delicto they claim that they are victims and play the equivalence game, look “antifa” as if being an antifascist was in itself a bad thing.

Some 150 Republicans in congress played the seditionist card, nobody forced them to do so, then whine that it is the Democrats who are being divisive, yes Nancy Mace, you too.

So Republicans the monster you raised is terrorising the village, what are you going to do about it?

You have never been shy of self-promoting yourselves as the party of “Law and Order”

Where was this last week?

Why are you refusing to act this week?

Why are you such fucking lickspittles?

My opinion on bipartisanship?

For now, go to hell.