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“Their stupid is always bigger than their evil” in an ex-POTUS's hope for military coup

Banana Republic is not yet a bankrupt concept in America, although it is being sorely tested. Trump’s 1/6 coup counted on the numbers of RWNJs in the US military, including some QAnon-influenced former National Security and ex-DoD/Military. The hint at the misuse of federal personnel was foreshadowed in the Summer actions around the White House, as numerous federal SWAT teams were deployed, often unidentified. Presumably, that force would have been used to seize ballot boxes. This explains further the military stand down order for the Pentagon.

As supporters of President Donald Trump took part in a violent riot at the Capitol, users of the social media service Parler posted videos of themselves and others joining the fray. ProPublica reviewed thousands of videos uploaded publicly to the service that were archived by a programmer before Parler was taken offline by its web host. Below is a collection of more than 500 videos that ProPublica determined were taken during the events of Jan. 6 and were relevant and newsworthy. Taken together, they provide one of the most comprehensive records of a dark event in American history through the eyes of those who took part.

Read more: Why We Published Hundreds of Videos Taken by Parler Users of the Capitol Riots | Inside the Capitol Riot: What the Parler Videos Revealprojects.propublica.org/…

John Fugelsang: “Their stupid is always bigger than their evil”. Roger Stone’s implausible deniability continues as his minions get arrested.

Roger Stone has an Oath Keeper problem. In recent days the FBI arrested two men, Joshua James, the owner of a cleaning services company in Alabama, and Roberto Minuta, a Newburgh, New York, tattoo artist, for taking part in the seditious attack on the US Capitol. Both men are members of that far-right militia. They each were part of a group of Oath Keepers that provided security for Stone, the longtime Trump adviser, the day before the assault, when Stone was in Washington, DC, whipping up support for the January 6 protest. That brings to at least five the number of Oath Keepers arrested in relation to the attack who also appear to have guarded Stone at Stop the Steal events. The Justice Department has alleged that three of these militia members helped plan the Capitol onslaught and were part of a conspiracy to block Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s victory.

This could create legal problems for Stone, a self-described political dirty trickster, who last year received a pardon from President Donald Trump related to his conviction for lying to Congress in 2017 during the Trump-Russia investigation. Prosecutors are reportedly investigating Stone’s communications with extremists involved in the Capitol attack.

The arrested Oath Keepers will likely face pressure to cooperate with prosecutors and reveal any information they may possess about any involvement Stone or other Trump associates may have had in plans or preparations to invade the Capitol.

Stone has repeatedly denied having advance knowledge of the attack. He says he was not present at the January 6 rally held at the Ellipse and that he did not participate in the ensuing march on Congress by thousands of Trump supporters. He also maintains that he did not know the Oath Keepers who provided security for him at events in Washington, DC, and in Florida in the weeks before the attack.

The Oath Keepers—a loosely organized far-right outfit composed of former law enforcement officers and military personnel—provided security for Stone at several events on January 5.


2/MICHAEL T. FLYNN is at the very center of the Q operation. As a US Army Lt. General and as former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he has extensive knowledge of military/intel ops and the mechanics of insurgency. He also deeply resents his treatment by USG – a theme.


3/BILL BINNEY retired in protest from NSA in 2001 after spat with @GenMhayden. He collaborated with Putinphile Oliver Stone (A Good American; Snowden), and has appeared on many Q content channels re: child sex abuse, directed energy weapons; he is part of intj.org4/ROBERT DAVID STEELE, retired CIA, has appeared on countless Q-influencer channels. He drove the Pizzagate story in 2016. Has ties to Iran-connected ops, and also Russia info channels. Part of intj.org. Reform party pres. candidate, 2012.

5/KIRK WIEBE, former NSA, is a colleague of Binney’s. He was part of a pro-Russia group with Binney called VIPS. Has endorsed ITNJ activities. Appeared in a video with Binney and Oliver Stone’s son Sean Stone, Sep 2020, on channel “Triangle of Paganism.” facebook.com/triangleofpaga…6/ED LOOMIS, another NSA colleague of Binney and Wiebe; also part of VIPS. He appeared in the Oliver Stone-produced film “A Good American” with Binney.

7/LARRY C. JOHNSON is a former CIA + State Dept official, turned conspiracist; also part of VIPS. Signed Dec 2016 VIPS memo saying Russia was not behind the DNC hack; foundational to the Seth Rich lie. Believes Russia did not interfere in 2016.

8/RAY MCGOVERN is a retired CIA official who has been a longtime guest of Alex Jones on InfoWars; also on left channels like Democracy Now. In Jan 2017, he wrote an op-ed with Binney saying DNC emails weren’t hacked, but leaked. Vehemently pro-Assange.

9/MICHAEL SCHEUER founded and led the CIA’s station responsible for tracking Osama Bin Laden from 1996-2004. He left after being outed for anonymously publishing “Imperial Hubris.” Has called for assassination of Obama and other officials; promotes Q.

10/RUSSELL BRUEMMER, former top lawyer at CIA + congressional affairs lead at FBI, formed cryptocurrency company Indeco with alleged QAnon/Shadowbox collaborator Trevor Fitzgibbon. May have used alias Hiro Tokumei. medium.com/indeco/indeco-…

11/KEVIN SHIPP, former CIA, appears in the fabulist documentary “Out of Shadows” and in other Q media. Had initial doubts about QAnon, but then became more supportive. Long history of conflict with CIA.

12/STEVE PIECZENIK, former State Department official, was partners with Tom Clancy. He became a critic of US policy and has appeared many times on InfoWars. He says Bin Laden died in 2001; Steele cites him. Themes from Clancy pervade QAnon + predecessors.

13/JACK POSOBIEC former US Navy intel, connected to Russia-linked actors such as Cassandra Fairbanks, Roger Stone, Jim Hoft, Flynn, and others. Became deeply interested in QAnon in Sep 2018 when he made a long video about it for OAN.

14/MICHAEL AQUINO, former US Army PSYOPs; founder, Temple of Set; founder, Church of Satan; author, “MindWar.” Associate of Jim Watkins (8kun); associate of Sean Stone. Long-time critic of CIA. First officially recognized Satanic Chaplain of the US Army.

15/PAUL VALLELY, former US Army PSYOPs, claims QAnon is run by “The Army of Northern Virginia” (i.e. ex-intel people) who work with “white hats” to deliver intel through Q channels. Listen to him say this.

16/PFC PATRICK BERGY, US Army, appears in the documentary “Shadowgate,” by Millie Weaver. Bergy claims he worked at CENTCOM on a program called iPsy. His claims seem suspect, but nevertheless he uses his military status to burnish QAnon talking points.

17/JOSHUA MACIAS, founder, Vets for Trump; founder, JTF MAGA. Macias visited Trump Tower in late 2016 to advocate for vets. He was arrested in Philadelphia disrupting the 2020 vote count. Released, he was jailed again after participating in Jan 6 events. washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/01…

18/TOM MCINERNEY former USAF Lt. Gen., has appeared on multiple Q-promoting content channels including Ann Vandersteel and Michael Scheuer’s podcast. He claims Democrats coordinated with the Chinese government to create COVID-19.

19/And there are various collaborators within government. MTG, Boebert, Biggs, Gosar, Jordan, Gohmert, Nunes in Congress, at a minimum. Patel, Tata and possibly others who were at Pentagon and NSA. This BS film offers an overview of part of that network.

20/Expect to hear more about these characters. If you know of others who should be included in this list, please send details. If you’re a reporter and wish to dig into this network, please reach out; I have more info. DM’s are open. This is a major counterintelligence failure.

21/Some may wonder why these folks went down this path. From research, the common theme we have found is that they are disaffected from the mainstream of their professional community. Alienation is often a cause of radicalization.

22/PRISCILLA ADAMS DUMONT is an employee at the US Army’s Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL. She was the #1 correspondent with 8kun’s Jim Watkins, according to server logs examined by myself, @emmibevensee @maxzzze + others. More in this Bellingcat story.

23/DAVID E. MARTIN appears in the Mikki Willis quack documentary film Plandemic II: INDOCTORNATION; Willis was at the Capitol on Jan 6th. Martin is not a former USG employee. But he is interest as part of this network; he is also part of ITNJ.

24/And about ITNJ… The International Tribunal of Natural Justice is a bizarre organization led by Rhodesian “rock star” Sacha Stone and pushed Q themes of child trafficking, pandemic disinfo, 5G disinfo very early. Many in this network are affiliated. itnj.org

And apologies, this should have the link itnj.org

Again, for clarity ITNJ is itnj.org

For those interested, other related Sacha Stone orgs include humanitad.org and newearthproject.org — both of which routinely spew various disinformation.

25/CASEY GRAY is a former CIA and Special Forces veteran affiliated with organizations called GoldCorp, Beyond SOF (Steve Brignoli), and Strategic Fitness LLC. Gray reportedly visited the Capitol on January 5th.

26/BRADLEY JOHNSON, ret. CIA, of “Americans for Intelligence Reform” promoting “Italygate” — the insane conspiracy theory that says… something something, Italy, voting machines, conspiracy.

27/Please note: these people are not the norm, and career Mil/IC/Gov professionals are, overwhelmingly, patriots who abhor this activity.The defection of these people to dark causes is, in fact, evidence of their alienation from the mainstream of their profession. 28/There are also many other well-known people involved in promoting these messages who are ex-military: Jim Watkins (8kun/Q – Army, helicopter repair) and Steve Bannon (Trump – Navy), most notably.

washingtonpost.com/technology/201…29/MICHAEL JACO, who claims to be a former US Navy Seal, has a large YouTube following and has been pushing Q themes and disinfo. Here he can be heard discussing “spiritual defense against the Coronavirus” on the “Gnostic Warrior Podcast.”

30/TERRY TURCHIE (ret. Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division; former head of CI program at Lawrence Livermore National Lab), is featured on this heavily Flynn-centric podcast talking about “the real insurrection in congress.”

31/TERPSICHORE “TORE” MARAS-LINDEMAN served in the Navy less than a year, over 20 years ago; claims to have secret clearance, have worked for gov contractors. She was Sidney Powell’s “secret witness” for claims of election fraud; ft. in Q “Shadowgate” doc. washingtonpost.com/investigations…32/DAN BONGINO, ubiquitous right-wing media persona and alleged partner in defunct Mercer-backed social media network #Parler, formerly served in the US Secret Service. According to ABC News in 2013, he “turned on Obama.”

33/RICH HIGGINS, US Army, served in multiple positions in the Trump administration, including the NSC. He penned a controversial memo on “Global Marxism” in 2017; background in Special Ops, military intel, strategic security.

34/This video, spotted by an astute reader, was found linked from a Telegram channel and features Gen. McInerney, Gen. Vallelly, Mike Lindell, Lin Wood and others promoting election and inauguration disinformation. There is a large supply of such media.

35/MAJ. JOE FLYNN, brother of Gen. Michael Flynn, ret. US Army Intelligence, has been pushing Q narratives for years, and recently collaborating with Sidney Powell on “restoring the republic” post-inauguration. Here’s a recent video.

36/CHARLES A. FLYNN, Lt. Gen. US Army, brother to Michael and Joe Flynn, was apparently involved in the delay in the decision to send troops to the Capitol on Jan. 6. The Army, puzzlingly, lied about that fact. washingtonpost.com/national-secur…37/Early reports indicated that military veterans were over-represented in January 6 arrests; nearly 20%, ~3x the Census rate of 7%. What role did military message-bearers play in recruiting military/intel participants in the insurgency?

38/JOHN GUANDOLO is a former FBI agent who has been repeating false election fraud narratives. His group “Understanding the Threat” has been designated as and anti-Muslim hate group by @splcentersplcenter.org/hatewatch/2018…

39/The photo of the Flynn dinner from the beginning of this thread is from this Schlafly event in St. Louis in September 2018, sponsored by Gateway Pundit. Look at this lineup, including Germany’s AfD leader Bystron and Poland’s Tarczyński!

40/And why was Flynn at this event? He was the inaugural recipient of their Maj. Gen. Jack Singlaub Award. Singlaub was a Jedburgh, helped found the OSS and CIA, and was later fired by Carter. This is the spirit animal for Flynn’s set of grievances.

41/LT COL TONY “SPOOKY” SHAFFER, US Army ret., intelligence, recipient of Bronze Star, part of the Gateway/Schlafly network; promoting a wide variety of misinformation and disinformation narratives. See his Twitter. I decline to link to it. 42/DR. SCOTT MAGILL, (USMC, Army, et al) has been pushing coronavirus disinformation; he summoned “fellow Warriors and Friends” to the protest on behalf of his organization, Veterans in Defense of Liberty. “Our battle cry shall be, ‘We will not concede!’”

43/MAJ. GEN. JOHN K. “JACK” SINGLAUB, a founder of both US Army OSS + later CIA, using the Schlafly org “America’s Future” to plead with Barr in Jan 2020 to “free Mike Flynn, drop the charges”. Uh, excuse me?

44/THOMAS CALDWELL, former FBI and US Navy, is said by authorities to be part of the Oath Keepers; has held security clearance since 1979. He allegedly received instructions to “gas” members of congress and “seal them in” the tunnels.

45/THOMAS WEBSTER, former USMC and NYPD, attacked a Capitol Police officer with a metal pole, and then allegedly proceeded to gouge out the officer’s eyes, according to images shared on social media. Retired N.Y.P.D. Officer Who Guarded City Hall Charged in Capitol Riot

  • March 13, 2021
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