The Wrangling of (the) Hurd

Throughout the House Intelligence Committees’ hearings centering on the Impeachment of the 45th President of the United States, Devin Nunes’ opening statements, preceding the testimony of witnesses bemoaned the Democrats for wasting time and not doing the business of America. Yesterday, California Rep. Eric Swalwell, introduced an article from the Daily Beast noting Mr. Nunes’ travel with at least two aides to Ukraine for the purpose of “investigations.”  Even more “outlandish” a word Mr. Nunes took great self-delight in using to ridicule the Democrats position involving Mr. Trump’s alleged criminality, his investigatory entreaties were filled by the indicted Lev Parnas.

In case you have forgotten, Mr. Parnas along with his cohort Igor Fruman, who are Rudy Giuliani associates,  were charged with conspiring to violate straw and foreign donor bans. In plain english, they facilitated the donation of money to the Republican party from foreign entities and hid the donations using American sources.  The shenanigans by Devin Nunes have precedent, remember he scurried to the White House in March of 2017 in what appeared to be a coordinated effort to give information to the White House and the next day say he received new information; the same information he dropped off the day prior.  

Rep. Nunes and Rep. Jordan stroked by Representatives Ratcliffe and  Stewart repeatedly accused Democratic House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff and his staff of coordinating with the whistleblower.  Nunes, who must have had his opening statement memorized by the end of the hearings, sat with a signboard five feet to his left denoting the number of days Schiff has known the ‘Whistleblower.’ The Republican Party is steeped in unproven accusatory finger-pointers, while at the same time ignoring facts; 10 instances of obstruction of justice as pointed out by The Mueller Report, standing onstage with Vladimir Putin and saying his [Putin] word is more believable  than that of American Intelligence,  paying off a woman with campaign funds to keep her silent about his extramarital affair so as not to ruin his campaign, covering for the Saudi Prince who according to not only American, but world intelligence sources,  murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

So, a quick accounting of the President’s malfeasance, adultery, accessory after the fact, traitorous behavior and dismantling of America is not enough for at least one Republican to say—hmmm. Outgoing Texas Republican Will Hurd told us in so many words yesterday I see the crime but mimicked Mick Mulvaney’s declaration of, “get over it.” Hurd in what turned out to be closing Republican arguments and not questions to former National Security Council member Fiona Hill said,  “I have not heard evidence proving the president committed bribery or extortion.”  Later in a rehashing of facts concerning the Ukraine call Hurd continued his statement, “I believe both statements were inappropriate, misguided foreign policy, and it certainly is not how an executive currently or in the future should handle such a call.”  

Republicans are often extolled for their messaging and discipline; I have a message for Republicans look up the definition of the word ‘ deontology’ it may clear up a few things.  

Vote in 2020 for Change.