Today Ruddy Ghouliani submits his briefs to the Supremes Kort.


“The evidence is plain for all to see” he wailed a hand firmly gripping his tighty whiteys.

“Where?” said the squinting correspondent,

Ruddy pulled an envelope out of his back pocket and out slipped a bottle of black ink, he held it up to the gawping press conference.

“Is there a genie in there?” said the now totally confused reporter.

“Better” he cried “once I pour it out over my hair, all will be revealed!”

“What the fu**” she started to say as the whorls grate liar poured the contents down his Y-fronts

“Jesus Christ, you're a loony” she continued

As Ruddy started to stuff the blank paper down his trousers…she ran, echos of mad babbling followed her, she ran faster, the car was not far……..

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