offering the following from the Worldometers site:

# Country,
World 20,005,383 +208,434 733,284

The reporting for today is not yet complete, but certain things are clear.

First, there are places around the world that do not YET have the outbreak under control. This is particularly true in a number of places in Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Peru) and is increasingly a problem in Africa,

Second, as is well clear — or should be well clear — the US has still not as a nation taken the steps necessary to get life back to normal.  Places that were under control are seeing resurgences in cases, as we have in Virginia, now averaging over 1,000 new cases daily. Other places have never had control. As schools are starting to open up we see the dangers involved, as we saw in Georgia last week.

Third, mass events such as what has been going on in Sturgis SD are clearly the kinds of event that are going to have very unfortunate consequences,

We are not magically going to get it under control. The damage could be very much lessened if EVERYONE would mask up and socially distance. Largely because of the national administrations negligence and incompetence, as well as its deliberate attempts to handle the crisis as a political issue rather than as a public health issue, we are suffering far more than we needed to, and unfortunately that pattern seems likely to continue. How what passes for relief is being handled will only make things worse, both from a standpoint of health and in terms of the impact on the economy. We are very close to seeing much of what we have valued in America being destroyed by the creature in the Oval (I refuse to dignify that with the title it ostensibly holds) as well as many enablers in the opposite political party as well as those in industries and finance that seem to think they can profit massively at the expense of the rest of us.

I would say more, but it would be hard to do so without becoming obscene, although not as obscene as what is being done to this country.

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