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The woman he may pick could paint the SC orange to hide the work of RBG. It must be stopped.

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My sympathies to the family of Justice Gingsburg’s family.  My further sympathies for our daughters and granddaughters, POC and the disabled.  

Meet  Barbara Lagoa:  

He and DeSantis working hand in hand on this one.  She is a real piece of work regarding voting rights.…

One of Trump’s Top SCOTUS Candidates Thinks Poll Taxes Are Constitutional

Barbara Lagoa auditioned for the Supreme Court by flouting judicial ethics and taking a radical stance against voting rights.

Isn’t she lovely?   All those people who voted for voting rights restored got a kick in the teeth by this one.

President Donald Trump has made it clear that he believes virtually any measure that expands voting access is invalid and rigged. And whomever he picks to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court will need to share that view. Shortly after he learned of Ginsburg’s death, Trump told a crowd in North Carolina that he is “counting on the federal court system” to limit how many votes get counted. Perhaps that’s why he is reportedly considering Judge Barbara Lagoa for the seat. Lagoa is not just conservative—she’s also a partisan who flouted judicial ethics to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people in Florida, potentially throwing the state to Trump. Lagoa’s unprincipled conduct in that case makes her a perfect candidate for the president’s midnight appointment.

His dream pick as with DeSantis.   Agoa, 52, was born in Miami. Her parents are Cuban refugees. Trump hopes will help with the Latino community in Florida.

During arguments, Lagoa acted more like an advocate for DeSantis than a judge, literally reading editorials from the bench to demonstrate that the amendment encompassed the payment of all court debt. At one point, she read aloud a Miami Herald article that allegedly supported her position. “I have reams here of op-ed pieces and editorials from different papers all over the state of Florida,” Lagoa proclaimed, holding up a stack of paper, “that made it clear” the amendment included fines and fees.

There is a word for what Lagoa did throughout the Amendment 4 litigation: auditioning. Lagoa proved to Trump that she would even defy judicial ethics to come through for him on a case that could swing the election. Nobody should’ve been surprised when she appeared on the president’s latest Supreme Court shortlist.

Trump plans on meeting with her Friday.  He met with the other Stepford hopeful,   Barrett Monday.

Anyone this man picks will take us back 50 or more years.  I must end this post and practice my coffee making skills and then work on my blind eye turning to discrimination and possible lessons for my daughters on how to correctly hold an aspirin between their knees.  Maybe I will learn to sew and make them chasitity belts for Christmas.

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