Every election is different. There are different candidates, different issues, and different personalities and scandals to consume and digest. But just as every election is different, so is every election the same in some ways. Until this one.

Elections in this country are ruled by finite measurements. The two most common are registered voters, and actual voters. And those numbers are largely finite. And those voters are normally, within narrow shifts, split more or less evenly between the two major parties. Which means that the only real suspense in each election is due to the turnout intensity of each side, and the small, and steadily shrinking number of true “independents” who can turn the tide, depending on which way they go.

But not this time Not this year. For once, there is an actual, real, election changing bloc out there, and nobody is even thinking about them with all of the other background noise out there. You already know them. I can describe them in five simple words. Marjorie. Stoneman. Douglas. High. School.

Remember the “Parkland kids?” They galvanized a nation. They forced the Governor of Florida to blink on gun control. They set up nationwide protests and walkouts that put the national political parties to shame, and they did it on the fly, without spending millions of dollars. And they're still out there.

People would be both foolish and short sighted to believe that a rash of graduations, summer vacations, college days, or jobs has pushed this issue to the back of their minds. This was literally an existential issue for them, and one that struck a raw nerve. They couldn't even get a decent education without risking death. They haven't forgotten a damn thing.

And Lord, are these young people organized. Social media is their natural habitat, and it's as comfortable for them as an old pair of Dockers. The fact that they are not making nightly headlines with mass marches and speeches doesn't mean that they're not talking to each other. And it's highly likely that they're flying under the radar of most major polling. But they're motivated, and results oriented. And they've already presented themselves as the problem solvers of the future, and they'll be damned if they don't bother to show up.

I actually have a passing familiarity with their organization and passion. One of the major reasons I left my last employer was that the majority of the workforce was under 30, and top management decided to turn the management structure “teal.” This meant that lower and middle level supervisors were eliminated, and autonomous groups of employees took over self management, in a “town hall meeting” setting. They ended up with a lot more younger employees, since most older employees were not comfortable with griping at each other, or being called out by younger employees in front of a room full of people. They aren't shy about criticism, either giving or receiving, especially if it leads to a better result.

This is not good news for the Republicans. And not because all of these young people are lock step Democratic voters. The majority of them appear to be unaffiliated. But their major driving issue is gun control, and that is the one issue that the GOP is incapable of meeting them even a quarter of the way on. And the fact that they could force the Governor of the NRA's test tube laboratory for gun laws to put any kind of gun restrictions on the books, only goes to show how much clout they have.

They are still out there. And they are still motivated. And they will show up to vote on November 6th. Hell, knowing these kids, they'll probably be setting up car pools to get other people out to the polls to pull a lever. There are guns in every state. And there are also high schools and colleges in every state. That figures to be a toxic brew for the GOP to have to swallow in 33 days.

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