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The White Man’s Last Stand

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Growing up as a black kid in America, the running blaxploitation film theme was getting “the man” before he got you. Donald Trump is un-circling the wagons for the white man’s last stand.  That last statement is not a blanket thrown over every white man or woman in America, and if you feel offended maybe you need to take a second look at your life. My point is that the Frankenstein’s monster the Republicans have worked on since Ronald Reagan, has taken over their village. From “welfare queens” to Willie Horton, through George Bush “doesn’t care about black people” Barack Obama “palling around with terrorist,” and “s—hole countries” the concerted effort by a certain segment of the conservative movement has been nothing more than a modern-day lynch mob.

The disappointment for conservatives has always been in their failure to find the right figurehead to make it palatable for suburban voters. They thought they had it in Reagan, but America was not quite ready to admit out loud, what many were thinking. George H.W. Bush committed the cardinal sin, he pointed out the necessity of raising taxes. 43 committed conservative treason by showing empathy toward the majority of Muslims after 9/11. Sarah Palin, well, she was Sarah Palin. Then along comes Trump, Eureka!  Phony rich, phony conservative, valueless, transactional in the worse sense of the word and above all else empty-headed enough to be spoon-fed—or so they thought.

I believe that the Republican Party thought Trump would be satisfied with them filling his hotels, drinking his liquor, and kibitzing on the back nine. Donald Trump turned out to be far more insidious.  He believes in the superiority of the white man, he believes that America should have a dictator, and scariest of all for the Republicans he has become the master, not the puppet. He has them dancing on the tips of his Twitter fingers, holding their breaths for his next spontaneous outburst of oblivious “incorrectness” and competing for a tap on their heads at his reelection feet.  

Donald Trump has assembled a coalition of the world’s despots, Putin, Kim, MbS and a host of killers, extortionist, and autocrats. He holds what look more and more like Klan rallies monthly; he has self-appointed squads of traveling militias like the “proud boys” who see themselves as his physical protectors.  White Supremacist/Nationalist feature him in their publications, blogs, and talking points. Meanwhile, the Party of Lincoln spits on his grave.  

Power Corrupts…      

…and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The Republicans in their zeal to correct what they deemed as America’s mistake in electing a black president have turned the keys to the car over to a drunken man-child surrounded by lawyers and toadies who will gladly drop their pants in the middle of 5th Avenue to distract from his criminality, and treachery.  The demographics of America are changing and there is a positive place for everyone who earns it. With Mr. Trump’s recent disclosures of possible extortion of the Ukraine President, continued emoluments violations, an implicit threat on the life of the whistleblower, we are no longer spinning out of control, we are hurtling into space with a broken gyroscope.

Vote in 2020 for Change.          

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