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“The weather underground app on my phone tells me it's gonna rain and it's out to dethrone God?”

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The “blame antifa” trope is not working out so well for the Trumpists wanting the left to declare People’s War in the streets of the US. Antifa aren’t anywhere to be found, just ask the FBI.

All they need to do is dig up Lin Biao and reanimate him. But in the interim, Fox News has decided that either a meteorological channel is subverting law and order, or like the Monkees or Menudo, Trumpist RWNJ have brought an SDS band back together from the 1960s.

So the ideological geniuses now are trying to pull out that 2008 trope of Bill Ayers the former member of the Weather Underground because hasn’t PBO recently been doing all that 1960’s stuff like attacking and dethroning God.

And WTF is “choice-systemic racism”.  Maybe something to do with fusion jazz — no that’s Weather Report because you don’t need one to know which way the wind blows in 1977.



— Captain Crusty (@CaptainCrusty66) June 6, 2020


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