The Ukraine Scandal presents an unusual, specific challenge for the Biden campaign

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Much has been written about whether and how Trump’s Ukraine scandal/potential impeachment will affect the campaign of Joe Biden (and other Democratic candidates for that matter).  But I think this scandal will present a separate, undiscussed challenge to Mr. Biden’s candidacy (maybe for good or for bad).

Oddly to some (including me), Mr. Biden has made it an explicit part of his campaign argument that President Trump’s threat is unique, is sui generis. Mr. Biden argues that a substantial and reasonable core of Republicans exist in Congress, who Mr. Biden could work with and who we could expect would do the right thing for the country, at least in core, obvious areas.

Well, with the Ukraine scandal and probable impeachment proceedings, isn’t Mr. Biden’s argument about to get a high profile test? A test that, ironically, will drag Mr. Biden into the public argument to some extent?

To be clear, I’m not arguing that any impeachment proceedings will involve Joe Biden’s skills as a dealmaker. But this is not what Biden has been saying exactly anyway.  He has argued that the Republican Party is not entirely broken, and that some number of Republicans exist in Congress who are ultimately reasonable, patriotic and capable of governing constructively. 

 Something tells me we’re about to get a real live answer to that question. If Joe Biden (or someone else) winds up running against President Mike Pence, his campaign theory should likely deserve a boost. But, if as I expect, we find ourselves running against President Trump, well then …..  If Mr. Biden is the candidate, he will have to find a new argument.

  • September 27, 2019