As part of actor Jodie Foster’s online Masterclass article on film writing, she offers instructive information about how to write a movie screenplay. She starts out talking about how to write a “film treatment.”  The piece states, “A treatment is a document that presents the story idea of your film before writing the entire script.” That is an apt description of the Trump administration, a series of Tweetments with little ideology, no detail, and a notional finish. Also inclusive in the process are that treatments are the first step to having a project funded. Donald Trump’s governance has been a horrid mass of tweets that have produced nothing but killing the environment, killing children, and maybe the murdering of American soldiers, all the while making sure he and his family are well funded.

Remember when Republicans ranted and raved because of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s and former President Obama’s reactions in Benghazi. They accused Obama of neglect in some GOP circles and murder in others. Of course, a lack of congressionally approved security funding was ignored but it gave them an issue, that was all that was needed. After months of GOP led hearings, nothing was exposed but the fevered dreams of Republicans. In December of 2019 Senator Graham (R-SC) lent his voice to the warnings of President Trump’s notification to Iran when he proclaimed, “He [Trump] has put the world on notice ― there will be no Benghazis on his watch.” Now with what appears to be valid accounts of Russia placing bounty money on the heads of American soldiers, Graham’s response was to golf with Mr. Trump over the weekend.

Incredibly, we are hearing from the President that he is more Sergeant Schultz than Commander-in-Chief,  “I see nothing, I hear nothing.”

We are being told that either U.S. intelligence found nothing that warranted telling the President or he did not read his daily briefing book. I  have a bigger fear; could it be that the information was hidden from the President because it was critical of his good friend Vlad? America is at a new low because Mr. Trump so mishandled the Covid-19 pandemic, other countries are finalizing plans to ban Americans from entering their nations. Any day now I expect some foreign leadership to descend an escalator and say, they are sending COVID and Hydroxy, their leader may be a rapist, and some, I assume, are good people.

Mr. Trump has created this swirling bowl of GOP flush that is endangering the country and the world. The rule of law has been reduced to lectures from Rep. Louie Gohmert about his marriage, with a drum solo accompaniment.  Gohmert pulled off his little drummer boy act in the midst of a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, looking into the actions of Justice Department head AG William Barr.  

Get ready, over the next few days, for a barrage of distracting tweetments that are meant to excite his MAGA patient and overdose the rest of us.  The first example was President Trump retweeting a man shouting “white power.” His modus operandi has been predictable, hide his malfeasance, malpractice, and maladjustment, with tweets, insults, and lies. Sometimes, I  think it would be easier to take if he distracted the media by coming to the White House Rose Garden every morning, yelling SQUIRREL!  

Vote in 2020 for Change.