On June 12, 2016, three short years ago, 49 Americans [mostly members of the LGBTQ+ community] were slaughtered by a coward at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida. President Trump, who described himself as a champion for gay rights, “I’m much better for the gays,” marked the solemn anniversary by inflating the numbers surrounding his Presidential announcement rally next week in Orlando. No mention of the shooting or an explanation for his attempts to deny the flying of the Rainbow Flag at our embassies around the world. The multicolored flag serves as a protest to the violence inflicted against the LGBTQ+ community and gives America a sense of moral pride. Of course, devotion and pride to the morality of America for this president is as foreign as the language in the love letters he exchanges with Kim Jong-un.  

Like the hooves of a Clydesdale, trampling on decency, the cart that carries his [Trump] load of manure, is strewing his messy philosophy across the landscape of America.  Yesterday Mr. Trump was in full-throated spew, calling Joe Biden a “loser,” and “dummy.” The ‘liberal’ news media, as always, raced to equate Mr. Biden with Trump when Biden called Trump an “existential threat” to the country. Biden’s assessment was far from Mr. Trump’s third-grade taunting behavior.  The slow deterioration of values and simply doing what is right, is happening before our eyes and is made worse by the acceptance of the Republican Party. When you ask Trump officials like Mike Pompeo or John Bolton about Trump’s foreign entanglements, they start their statements with the obligatory condemnation of the obvious, ‘I would not have said it that way’ or ‘the President has said some questionable or objectionable things’ followed by the word “but..” My advice; ignore everything Republicans say prior to the word “but” because they are about to start tugging his manure cart up the hill.

Yesterday the President stood on the lawn of the White House holding court with the press, shushing questions that exposed his narrative of mostly lies and waved around a piece of paper he described as “one page” of a lengthy agreement with Mexico to stem the tide of immigrants seeking asylum in America.

Ultimately, I’m always right

Today in an afternoon press gaggle in the White House, alongside Polish President Andrzej Duda, Mr. Trump answered a question about his interpretation of  Russia “removing most of their people” from Venezuela.”  This assertion was made by the President despite news reports that the Russian government denies any such deal to leave took place. When peppered for further details by reporters, the President retreated to his usual cubbyhole of disinformation by reiterating, “you just watch it…ultimately, I’m always right.” These blatant displays of ignorance of world affairs before other leaders must make the plane rides home for foreign dignitaries and leaders a laugh riot of stories about the stupid American president. At one point the President berated a reporter for not trusting him or “anything.” His self-delusional belief that he should be believed, without question, is an incredible indictment of how out of touch with reality he really is.

Vote in 2020 for Change.  


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