The Trump Cult Finally Realizes that 'FOX News Sucks,' But For All The Wrong Reasons.

The mass delusion exhibited by the Cult of Trump continues to manifest in the most bizarre and irrational ways. On Saturday a coalition of white nationalists, neo-Nazis, crackpot conspiracy theorists, and of course, Republicans (or is that redundant?), descended on Washington, D.C. like a flock of vultures. The attendees of the hysterically misnamed not nearly a “Million MAGA March” were intent on propping up the failed presidential campaign of Donald Trump, whose pitiful denial of reality has infected his most fervent devotees with the same deranged notions of an imaginary victory.

The marchers fanned out along the streets waving banners and shouting slogans attesting to their utterly unfounded belief that the election was stolen from their Dear Leader. There were estimated to be only a few thousand marchers, but they made up for that lack of numbers with their abundance of yelling and blind hostility. Trump himself was watching the parade and was so impressed that he tweeted…


However, nothing that took place advanced their central, and patently absurd, theme that Trump had actually won reelection. There was no presentation of evidence that any voting irregularities occurred. And even their baseless allegations wouldn't have overturned the results were they all found to be valid. What's more, Trump's own Department of Homeland Security found “no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”

So failing in what was the principle justification for the march, the Trump disciples lashed out at what they have come to regard as their most ardent foe, Fox News. That's right, the rabidly biased network that is most responsible for putting Trump in the White House is now considered to have betrayed the movement and is working for the socialist opposition. One speaker at the rally expressed the opinions of the hive-mind attendees saying that…

“Fox News sucks! How bad is Fox News now? What the hell happened? What a disgrace. They are the enemy of the people.”



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That's an opinion that is shared by Trump who has similarly castigated Fox News for failing to be unflinchingly worshipful at all times. Even interviewing a Democrat on the network is considered to be treasonous. That's why speculation is running so high that Trump is plotting to launch a competing network with the express purpose of Wrecking Fox News.” In fact, that may be the true motivation behind Trump's challenging of the election results. He might just be using that as a means to continue fundraising for his post-presidency media enterprise.

However, if the turnout for this March of the MAGA Munchkins is any indication, Trump's hopes for a successful venture are likely to land him his next bankruptcy. And also his next indictments after he's caught funneling campaign funds into his personal business pursuits.

On the bright side, Trump has actually succeeded in uniting America – in opposition to Fox News. Now the left, who have long regarded Fox as a brazenly conservative dispenser of right-wing propaganda and an arm of the Republican Party, are joined by the right, who lately have come to see Fox as being in bed with liberals.

So now everybody hates Fox News. Well, except for Trump. Because even though he whines like a baby whenever he thinks that Fox isn't sufficiently adoring, he still promotes them by posting clips from their programs and with nearly exclusive appearances on their air. It's a love/hate relationship that twists on the nebulous winds of whatever he watched last – whether it was Sean Hannity fluffing his fragile ego, or some nameless host reporting that Joe Biden won another state. That's knife's edge of Trump's psychosis. And it is only going to get worse in the days before Biden's inauguration.

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