Never has a Freudian slip been so perfect — or accurate:



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TREASURY SECRETARY STEVEN MNUCHIN: “Well, we hope it won’t, and again, we’re working on mass distribution of the virus.”

THE TRUTH! FINALLY! (I assume he meant to say “mass distribution of the vaccine,” but who knows with these people?)

Of course, the Trump administration has — in myriad ways — been working on the mass distribution of the virus since early this year. Most of the work has been achieved through egregious neglect, but Trump’s superspreader rallies have been a key driver as well. Not to mention the administration’s awful messaging on mask-wearing, social distancing, and other mitigation efforts.

And while Donald Trump Johnny Virus-seed has been the wind beneath the coronavirus’ wings, plenty of others have mightily contributed to the mess we’re in.

Take a bow Jared Kushner, Scott Atlas, Deborah Birx, Kayleigh McEnany, Peter Navarro, and so many others. Honestly, there are too many to name in such a short time.

Enjoy the rest of the shitshow, folks!

Sixty-one days. I’m not sure if I should bust out an Advent calendar or hide in a spiderhole for the duration. At the very least I’ll stay in my house because of, you know, the rampant pestilence.

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