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The Top 11 Reasons Teachers are Undervalued

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We've all heard the complaints about teachers: They're lazy, they get the whole summer off. What do they even do all day with those kids? It's not like they actually produce anything. Once they get tenure it's impossible to get rid of them no matter how terrible they are and the union backs them up. I saw Michelle Rhee on TV and she says these teachers need to be held accountable. My state rep says the same thing, fire those lazy teachers!

Why do Americans put so little value in the people who choose teaching as a profession? Teachers educate children across this country every day. Many teachers work in communities crippled by poverty and struggle to keep schools open with crumbling buildings, outdated textbooks and school districts who lack funds even to provide basic school supplies for students. Teachers work many hours outside of their classroom and pay for far too much to keep their classrooms running from their own pockets. Here is a list of reasons teachers are undervalued according to teachers.

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