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The time my little boy didn't get his way.

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This is so much more serious but just as annoying.   I was sitting outside on the porch tonight when I thought back of the time  when my 4 year old could not get his way about something.  I don’t quite recall what it was but I think it had to do with eating more cookies or brownies too late at night before bedtime.  I remember it had to do with sweets.

I had worked all day and remember watching Columbo ( the series).  This was my time.  I had come home, cooked supper, done the dishes, made cookies or brownies and I can’t remember which but one of the two and just sat down to watch Columbo.  I remember my little boy had already had about 4 brownies  ( small cuts ) or 4 cookies.  You get the idea.  He was told to take a bath and get ready for bed when he decided he wanted more of the brownies and some ice cream and I said no.   He flung himself down on the floor and pitched a God awful fit.  He yelled and whined  and demanded what he felt was rightfully his and told me I was unfair.  I glanced over at him with that  expression they call “ the look”.  He did not let up after I said, “ That’s enough”.  He kept on and I was trying to watch what rich guy had killed his wife and Columbo had to piece it together and I really got tired of that fit being pitched.   I let him express his emotions for only a bit. 

I then took the brownies and dumped them in the garbage disposal.  

He was crying as the chocolate swirled down the drain.  I calmly said, “ You won’t get any sweets for at least a week so don’t even think about it”.  You don’t get everything in life just because you think for some unknown reason it’s yours and you have just cooked your goose on sweets for awhile.  Do you understand me?  

 I then preceded to get up and walk in his room and take every toy out of his room and It got very quiet. then picked him up and put him to bed without the bath or his favorite night toy., turned on the night light and shut the door.

  I think he cried himself to sleep but he did not get any sweets as I had warned him

The moral of the story…..Don’t let fit pitchers and children dominate behavior.  Someone needs to go take Donnie’s brownies away….and tell him, “Now that is enough and take away his twitter and microphone.   It’s time to know you don’t get your way about everything and the brownies are gone.

That is how you deal with childish behavior.   We don’t have any adults making a kid behave while he is pitching his fits.   The punishment for my son would have been more severe had he dared try to bring his buddies in on the tantrum.  

I am talking to you republicans !  It was my time as it is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s time.  Be patient but someone needs to pay the child a visit and make him realize something he should have been taught as a toddler.  Do we have any Republican adults up there?

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