The Test Of Joe Biden's Toughness and Electibility Is Now.

Whether Joe Biden supporters like it or not, now is the testing of Joe Biden’s thesis that he is the best Democrat to defeat Trump.  

Yes, I am not a Biden supporter.  Check that off.  

But Trump had decided to crash the Democratic primary process, and his main target is Joe Biden.  Instead of waiting for Biden to get the nomination and then striking, Trump’s timetable of personal destruction of Joe Biden has been moved up.  This is because Trump got caught redhanded extorting the manufacture of political dirt on Biden from a foreign government.

The whole reason Donald Trump pressured Volodymyr Zelensky for a probe into Joe Biden was to generate ominous headlines about the former vice president—news reports he could exploit to gin up uncertainty about one of his potential 2020 rivals. Now, thanks to Ukraine, he’s getting what he wants. On Friday, the country’s top prosecutor announced he would review closed cases handled by his predecessors—including the inquiry into an energy company where Hunter Biden served as a board member.

And to hammer home that headline, Trump is already starting to run negative ads with his manufactured political dirt.

Making matters worse, Donald Trump and Republicans have announced they’ll launch $10 million in negative TV ads — with $1 million targeted at the early nominating states alone — pushing the president’s claim that Biden and his son Hunter engaged in corruption in Ukraine.

Trump — who is facing an impeachment inquiry that centers on his asking the president of Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son’s business dealings — and Republicans together raised an eye-popping $125 million in the third quarter .

Because Trump got caught, he has decided to go on the offensive now.  I’ve already seen one of those ads.  No, they are not “devasting.”  Anyone with a brain can see that Trump is lying and deflecting about his extortion of the Ukrainian President Zelensky.  But the point is to mention over and over and over again that Joe and Hunter Biden are crooks.

It’s Hillary’s emails all over again.

Yes, on this issue, Trump should have no standing whatsoever.  Trump’s kids are grifters collecting money from the taxpayers and foreign sources.  This is so beyond the pot calling the kettle black. 

But Trump is going for Hunter Biden, and it is up to Joe Biden to show that he can take this attack on his family and fight back againt Trump.  The problem for Joe Biden is that he is now fighting a two front war.  Biden has not clinched the Democratic nomination yet, so he still has to struggle against several Democratic competitors.

No, I have heard only one Democrat running for president mildy criticize Joe Biden on Hunter’s financial connections to Burisma — Michael Bennet.  And Bennet is correct that family members of those in government shouldn’t trade on their relatives names to get foreign money.  And I think that is as bad as it will get for Biden among his Democratic competitors.  

Instead, Biden will have to continue to talk about his policies and how he is different from the other Democrats running for president.  Biden has to convince Democratic voters why he is the best person to lead the Democratic Party into next year’s election.  And from what I can see, his competition is not rolling over for him.  

Warren is rising in the polls.  Bernie has staying power and has no intention of going anywhere.  Buttigieg is waiting to see if Biden implodes, so he can pick up Biden’s supporters.  And Harris is not going away either.

And all of the above were bouyed by campaign contributions that keep them in the game.  In fact, Joe Biden came in fourth in campaign contributions.   Biden will need all the cash he can get to build up his campaign infrastructure AND deal with Trump’s TV attack ads.  

Normally, you would think that a Democratic presidential candidate would get some political cover from the DNC.  But the DNC has decided to be neutral in the Democratic primary process.  This was because of the fallout from the 2016 primaries.  As someone who is a Warren supporter, I think that the DNC should at least try to protect Democratic presidential candidates from Trump’s interference in our election process, if only to say, “Butt the Fuck Out!  You Orange Ape!”

But it appears that Biden is on his own for now.  

Will Biden be able to fight a political war on multiple fronts?  We are going to find out now.