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The tell in the Tweeden story about Franken

The story Leeann Tweeden told about Al Franken kissing her against her will has a very big hole, I would say actually a tell that the story is, at the very least, incomplete,

“No one saw what happened backstage.”

Well if you have ever been part of any production, from junior high school to professional, the one thing you will remember is that backstage is always, always a beehive of activity. There are always people around. But Tweeden immediately qualifies her story by saying no one saw what happened so don’t bother to look for witnesses.

How does she know no on saw? Did she ask people if they saw, even if she wasn’t sure they were around. Did she ask the stage manager, who owns the backstage? Did she ask the act that was going to follow them who are usually within sight? Did she ask the people working the sets and props? They might have been around, probably were, without her knowing it. My guess is no, she didn’t ask them, because she said she didn’t talk to anybody.

So even that’s fine. But why would she say outright that no one saw?  Why would she make this part of her statement? It sure sounds like she wanted to set the parameters. “This happened in a public setting but I am telling you absolutely there are no witnesses.”  

My guess is more is going to come out about this, it just seems too pat, to much fitting to an agenda. We shall see I suppose. But to me, “no one saw what happened backstage,” strains credulity and is a very big tell that this is a Hannity production. 

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