The sublime Bette Midler perfectly sums up Trump's social media summit

So the guy who thinks vaccines cause autism and Alex Jones is a reputable journalist held a social media summit a couple of days ago.

Really, it was an opportunity for a bunch of cranks to whine about being persecuted by (privately run) social media platforms for being unabashedly offensive nutjobs. And for Trump to baselessly claim that there’s some kind of conspiracy to prevent people (and bots, presumably) from following him on Twitter. (How one tells the difference between a preprogrammed automaton and a Trump follower is beyond me, of course — but hey, if this irritates Trump, I’m all for it.)

And, of course, former White House aide Sebastian Gorka got into a shouting match in the Rose Garden with Playboy reporter Brian Karem. Because that sort of thing is normal now.

Here’s how Vox described the Greatest Shit Show on Earth:

The Gorka-Karem altercation was a fitting end to a bizarre day at the White House. In addition to Gorka, attendees of the social media summit included disreputable conspiracy theorists such as Jim Hoft; right-wing operatives like Ali Alexander, who recently promoted the smear that Sen. Kamala Harris isn’t an “American black”; right-wing commentators Diamond and Silk, who have pushed a hoax conspiracy theory about Facebook censorship; and Charlie Kirk, who has spent years complaining, without evidence, that Twitter is suppressing his follower count. No executives from Twitter or Facebook were invited.

During his speech, Trump alleged that Twitter officials are engaged in a massive conspiracy to reduce his follower count.

And here was the scintillating take of the Divine Miss M:


Thank you, Ms. Midler. We don’t deserve you. Truly.

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