The stupidest proposal I have heard….. so far today

Rick Santorum on CNN [paraphrasing mine]

“If the Democrats want to bring the country together they should let the Republican senatorial candidates in Georgia win, if not there will be trouble.”

Yep, you got it, we just forget the whole 8 years of Obama where all they did was obstruct,

Then we had 4 years were they connived with the most disgusting President in our history.

Now they all seem to be going on about how Biden must refute socialism and fight his own party in order to make the Republicans who fanatically followed a monster feel better?

Since when has the Democratic Party even remotely proposed socialist ideals, social democracy perhaps, but socialism? Never.

Dear god how low will they go? Oh, I know, how deep is the hole?

The republicans will do what they do best, squeal and obstruct.

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