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The rich want to steal our abundant water and then sell it back to us, another economic fraud.

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Our economic system transfers your and the masses' wealth and money to the rich using techniques described here, making water falsely scarce.

Making everything, even water, a scarce product is how they rip us off.

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One of our Politics Done Right listeners sent an article that upset him.

The CME Group is set to launch futures contracts tied to the spot price of water for the first time ever this week.

The contracts will allow investors and farmers alike to bet on the future price of water. …

While water will officially join the likes of gold, oil, and other commodities in being traded on Wall Street, the contracts will be financially settled. This means buyers of the contracts who hold on through expiration won't be greeted by a delivery of millions of gallons of water like they would for other commodity-based futures like oil and grain.

The [water] contracts are tied to the Nasdaq Veles California Water Index, which was launched two years ago. The index is driven by the volume-weighted average of the transaction prices in California's five largest and most actively traded water markets.
Business Insider

It should upset everyone. Realize this; there is no water shortage. There is a false scarcity in potable form.

Interestingly, the rich profit by polluting the drinkable fluid we need. They then make it a scarce resource they profit from as they sell it back to us. And that, that this precious fluid surrounds us.

It is not difficult to understand what is going on. The problem is that we have defined the problem in a manner all can understand. That is our attempt with the video in this post from one of our recent programs.

We have an economic system that turns everything into scarce products, from healthcare to food, energy, and our precious fluid. We must understand these concepts to bring the masses along to force our politicians to stop the legalized theft.

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