The reporter describes Trump as the failed leader of the GOP with these inconvenient truths.

This MSNBC reporter told an inconvenient truth that one wonders if the Donald Trump Republican enablers are aware of now.

Reporter on GOP inconvenient truths

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The MSNBC reporter told a truth Donald Trump, and his enablers completely ignore. In effect, his incompetence and dereliction of duty lost Republicans everything.

“Consider the position the president leaves his party in right now,” The MSNBC reporter said. “When he came in 2017, they had 241 Republicans in the House. Now it's 211. They had 52 Republican senators. Now it's 50. So they've lost the House. They've lost the Senate. It appears with John Ossoff likely to win, and the President lost the White House as well.”

The reporter was not done. He went on to, uncharacteristically for the mainstream media, critique the president.

“Nonetheless, he's going to go out there, egg on his supporters,” the reporter said. “Try to keep this vice grip on a lot of his party, but you sort of, you notice that conflict that contrast the president who many people believe his antics in the course of the last several weeks may have cost them these races in Georgia is now calling on members of his own party to sort of marinating in these outlandish conspiracies theories that he won this thing which we know is not true even after it may in many ways be responsible for the position Republicans find themselves in right now.”

It is now time for Democrats and Progressives to execute. They have 2 years not to repeat the 2010 mistake. Do not assume Republicans will work with you. Attempt to do so, but create the mechanisms to assume they won't. Kill the filibuster.

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