The reporter asked Jen Psaki a question he should've asked Republicans and she schooled him for it.

The reporter asked Jen Psaki a question he should have asked Republicans and she schooled him for it

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki gave a reporter a new task. Ask Republicans the questions we have already answered.

Jen Psaki schooled a reporter on his job?

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Some of these reporters likely forget that they are dealing with a new administration. In effect, he opened the door for schooling from Jen Psaki on how to do his job.

“Senator Wicker up on the Hill just said a little while ago not only is the counteroffer going to be in the trillion-dollar range,” the reporter said. “But he also said, ‘We are going to make an offer which will make it clear that we are not going to disturb the 2017 tax bill.’ If that is indeed the case, is there any way in which the White House would accept the counter-proposal in which the 2017 tax bill is not touched?”

In other words, Republicans want to maintain the Republican tax cut scam at all costs. Psaki was ready.

“That sounds like a question for Senator Wicker,” Jen Psaki said. “What are they proposing instead to pay for it?

The reporter could not answer, but he continued to press for an answer if not touching the tax cut was a deal-breaker. Psaki began by schooling the reporter on the American Jobs Plan. She pointed out that it really helped the average American. But she did not stop there. She tied it into the fraud that was the Trump tax cut scam. The promise of it paying for itself and trickling down did not pan out. Of course, we all knew that would be the outcome. She then gave him marching orders.

“If they don’t want to touch the 2017 tax cut,” Jen Psaki said. “A two trillion dollar tax cut that did not end up having a windfall back to the American public, I guess that is their choice what they put in their proposal. But they have to propose an alternative. So I guess, I hope you ask Senator Wicker that question.”

You hear!

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  • May 27, 2021
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