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The Reality of never being here before. I feel like it is 1860

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Get ready people because the reality of losing our democracy is real.   I said this in 2016 and people scoffed.  It is a reality.   The sides are lining up.  Brother against brother, Mother against child, husband against wife.  This may even be worse than 1860 considering the people of that era were not as connected as this era.   It may be worse because there is outside interference.  There was no pandemic.

I have no real encouraging words because this is not about North and South.  This is about all 50 states in a state of chaos with so many issues including sickness and death.

This country needs an intervention but minds are being turned to mush and we better get ready for another war on American soil.  Half of the country is not going to accept this bluster and threat of not accepting an election and non peaceful transfer.   A coup is about to happen from Trump and I have never witnessed such in my lifetime.  

Strong words won’t help.   I do not understand this cult following but it is exactly that, a cult.   We still have a United Nations.  We still have in this world a Human Rights watchdog.   We still have some safeguards who I suspect are watching this chaos closely and they are not going to let this superpower endanger their countries but America can endanger them in many ways.

I suggest you stock up on necessities and be ready to survive in a world torn upside down soon.

Of course we are afraid, but we must be prepared and ready to stand and make many sacrifices that we are not used to making.  Prepare yourselves and do not leave answers completely up to legislators as they have not been here before either.  Stay strong and sober and be aware of your surroundings.

This is Florida…  And people don’t think there will be trouble…think again.  Almost every town in Florida faces these radical Trump supporters when they see Biden signs.  We Floridians live this everyday and it is getting worse.

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