The question needs to be asked, repeatedly: Why do Republicans want to inspect children's genitals?

It’s sick. So, so sick. But that’s what Republicans are all about these days: inspecting children’s genitals. It’s pretty much all they talk about—when they’re not talking about Mr. Potato Head. And his starchy, androgynous genitalia.

They’re so into it, in fact, they’ve passed bills that would allow them to scrutinize any child who wants to participate in girls’ sports but doesn’t strictly adhere to what a Republican thinks a girl should look like. And the only way to make sure said child is actually flouting the genitalia gendarmes is to line them up for inspection, tout de suite.

This is true. This is what Republicans are doing in order to advance their girls’ sports purity campaigns. (As we all know, Republicans are huge advocates of girls’ and women’s sports.) Because, clearly, cis boys across the country are lining up left and right for a chance to pass themselves off as girls, as it’s a great way to compete at a high level and/or find an affordable apartment where they can live their lives in incognito bliss with Peter Scolari and Tom Hanks.

The Hill:

Under a new ban on transgender students in sports passed by Florida’s House of Representatives, schools would have the power to subject students to “physical examination” if their gender is disputed.

The “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” bans transgender female athletes from competing on women’s athletic teams in both high school and college sports, although transgender male athletes may still compete on either team. In cases where a student’s “biological sex” is disputed, the law authorizes schools to require health examinations or documentation from the student’s personal health care provider.

So that’s what Florida Republicans were doing in April instead of controlling the pandemic, boosting the economy, or shoving dangerous insurrectionist Donald Trump out to sea on a dead manatee with nothing but a knife, a fork, a bottle of A.1. steak sauce, and a quart of freshly squeezed aardvark milk (you know, to give him a fighting chance). Oh, and of course, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed this blazing pile of poo into law—on the first day of Pride Month, no less.

To be fair, they took the genital-inspecting provision out before DeSantis signed it. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t still thinking about it. Oh, and Idaho Republicans passed their anti-trans law this spring with a genital inspection provision.

The law includes a provision that allows for anyone to file a claim questioning the sex of an athlete. The adjudication process could lead to sex testing that would allow for genital exams, genetic testing and hormone testing.

So why aren’t we making more of this? Journalist Oliver Willis just asked the same question.

Nontweeters can click here to read the thread.

Would it be fair to constantly bring up Republicans’ deep-seated obsession with children’s genitals? Sure, why not? I mean, they do appear to be infatuated with this subject, and they’re cynically using vulnerable trans kids as a wedge to alarm people and win votes. Why can’t we fight fire with fire?

Democrats: Respect every child’s right to self-determination.

Republicans: Let me take a peek at your daughter; this will just take a minute … or two.

It’s a pretty stark contrast, don’t you think?

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  • June 12, 2021