I watched Flimflam Man Paul Ryan’s CNN town hall last night, and realized that at this late date we still can’t honestly question, and thus confront, Republican leaders on the root problem of Charlottesville and Trump.  Instead, all we get is moronic, weak tea like Paul Ryan and other Republicans condemning White Supremacists or the neo-Nazis.

The appropriate, necessary question to put to all these Republican leaders is:  Do you agree that the Confederate leaders were at least as bad as the KK and, arguably, much, much worse than the KKK?

That is the whole rub.  No one would approve of statues venerating KKK leaders, and so why are you, Republican leader, defending monuments to honor men who were even worse, at least in terms of their threat?  

In other words, let’s finally get honest and cut to the core of the debate.  It’s ridiculous to dance around this issue of the moral depravity of the Confederacy.  Otherwise, we get exchanges like this:

TAPPER: But if people who are applauding the president are these white supremacists and the people who are cringing after his remarks, like the ones on Tuesday, are the congregants of that synagogue in Kenosha or the Sikh temple in your congressional district where there was a horrific hate crime incident in 2010, doesn't it need to be — is it not bigger than something that's partisan to say people need to stand up and say more when the president does it? Forget his party for a second. He's giving aid and comfort to people who are fans of losing, discredited, hateful ideologies.

RYAN: Oh, I don't — I don't — I don't think…

TAPPER: The people who applauded his remarks on Tuesday were David Duke and Richard Spencer.

RYAN: Yeah, that's right. That's why I said, those remarks — he messed up on Tuesday. He was right on Monday. And he was right just about an hour ago. I think we're — he was wrong on Tuesday.

A principal reason that Paul Ryan is nonsensically trying to skip from day to day when Trump was “right” is because he is trying to preserve the days that Trump cleanly defended only the Confederate monuments.

So, call that out directly.  Ask Ryan (and others) if he doesn't believe that the Confederate leaders were worse than the KKK  — a subsequent organization struggling to reinstate only a portion of the Confederacy’s reign of terror.

Why are we carrying water for these Republicans and bigots?  Why are we allowing the double-talk and equivocation?  If they believe these vile things, make them go on record.

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