The Primary: The Impression Left Upon Reading The Comments on D-Kos

I thought of looking at this as if I never have seen this site before and if I was  blindly looking for information on the Democratic Party Primary.

I would say both main candidates have  major if not insurmountable flaws.

That neither really is worth investing time in.

It is rare to see comments  where both candidates are given equal respect, the over riding effect is of negativity.

It is actually quite off putting when consumed on mass.

I understand [sort of] the pie wars, the difficulty of supposedly trying to change the hymns of the choir, but the overriding feeling is one that it at times borders upon desperation to be heard over the noise.

I am not talking about the diaries so much as the comment sections.

I suppose I don’t like “ratfucking” as Meteor Blades termed it in his diary warning about sexism

But some of these misogynists support who they say they do. And they are a fucking disgrace.  

Personally I have heard way too much from the other side of the aisle to at least last several lifetimes, when it becomes bipartisan in nature I just end up disgusted by all concerned.

To give people a reason to change their minds you have to convince them of the positives and not just that their initial preference sucks, or the alternative just sucks less. Look at voter turnout to see how that one works.

What do you believe in and why and why one candidate or another best represents your views, I think nearly everyone here is capable of making their own minds up without the pie.

Just a thought