The pathetically weak Trump stock market in three easy-to-read charts

Well, it’s weak compared to the stock market returns under the Kenyan socialist America-hating usurper Barack Obama, anyway.

Lots of caveats go with this, of course. The stock market is a pretty poor metric of real economic prosperity, as most of its gains go to the already wealthy — and millions of Americans own no equities at all.

But Trump has brayed over and over again about how the markets have supposedly surged under his stewardship.

Except they haven’t. At least if you compare the Trump years to the Obama years.

Courtesy of Catherine Rampell, a Washington Post opinion columnist and CNN economic commentator:



So, yeah, the Trump Bump is a myth. And he’s not done throwing sand in the gears yet.


If Trump doesn’t have a good economy to run on in 2020, look for him to make up stories about MS-13 gang members crossing the border in Mad Max-style convoys to perform “partial-birth” abortions on unsuspecting suburban white women at strip-mall facial spas.

What, you think he won’t?

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