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The Parting with Lincoln

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There are varying theories on how hypnosis affects the state of mind. Some believe a hypnotic trance is an altered version of one’s being, while others believe it is an altered state of cognizance that allows you to subconsciously role play. I am not sure my explanation makes sense or if I believe it, but what is not in dispute is that hypnosis cannot make you break your moral code. I watched a TV reporter questioning Trump supporters last night and one woman’s answers intrigued me. Of course, the obligatory thing for Trump supporters to do is first deny the legitimacy of the election results then pledge allegiance to The Donald.

In the category of, I thought I had seen everything; after the two women shouted their support, one of them opened her jacket to reveal her t-shirt and she shouted out what it read. “ Jesus is my savior and Trump is my President.” Of course, the reporter showed the right amount of incredulity at Jesus and Trump sharing a t-shirt.  His follow-up of the original question was; do you believe what you are saying? It drew gasps from the women and condemnation of the reporter. A lot of people who have followed the incredible nonsense of Rudy Giuliani’s dye streaked face, or Jenna Ellis recoiling at his flatulence and Sidney Powell accusing every country in an out of this world of somehow flipping votes, we excuse the rank and file Trumpsters by saying they are under his spell.

Bringing guns and threats to the home of a woman with a 4-year-old decorating a Christmas tree is frightfully immoral. A city official attending a zoom meeting to come up with solutions to keep people from contracting the coronavirus left the meeting in tears, to protect her 12-year-old from protestors pounding on the door of her home.  I have heard theories for this behavior from mass hypnosis to owning the Libs. What I will no longer countenance is excuse-making. The people making threats from politicians to radio and tv propagandists have no morals. Sure people have called on the leaders of the Republican Party to snap their fingers and awaken these thugs from their trance, but like a hypnotic trance, no one can make them break their moral code. So my only alternative is to believe these people are just what they appear, merchants of chaos and purveyors of the violent overthrow of the rule of law.

They rear their heads at protests carrying guns,  I have lived through the bombings of clinics and the shooting of doctors who perform abortions. Whether you object to a woman’s right to choose or not it is legal. I remember back to 2016, days after Mr. Trump was elected, a friend asked me if I thought a civil war was coming. I laughed out loud at the absurdity. Wednesday the conservative sage Rush Limbaugh openly opined if secession was the answer for the GOP, then like the coward he is, tried pointing the finger at others. It does not take much to drive people over the edge. I am old enough to remember the shooting of Ronald Reagan to impress then child actor Jodie Foster because someone identified with the Travis Bickle character in the movie Taxi Driver.

The GOP has lost touch with reality to the point that they want to deny black voters the right to vote against their party. Cavorting with foreign dictators and murderers is no longer unpatriotic in the GOP. Nepotism, extortion, tax evasion, racism, and a global pandemic are now all acceptable means to an end for Republicans. Alluding to his listeners and followers, Limbaugh asked what do they have in common with New Yorkers? The answer: we are all Americans. I remember when the party of Lincoln believed in the United States of America. All of it—not just the white parts.  

Georgians, Vote for Change          

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