George Washington shepherded the United States through the War for Independence and presided, literally, over the birth of the nation, without panic. Abraham Lincoln guided the United States through the literal secession and reuniting of the Union, without panic. Franklin Delano Roosevelt told the nation we had nothing to fear, hours after the Empire of Japan attacked the United States, without panic. George W. Bush stood amidst the rubble of the entombed victims of 9/11 and promised the attackers would hear from us soon, without panic. Whether you agree with their responses before or after their wars, these men sat in the Oval Office and contemplated the destruction of America, without panic. Three of the previously named presidents commanded American troops in officially declared wars, lasting a cumulative total of 18 years with approximately 410,000 American soldiers dead (inclusive of 110,000 Union soldiers).

That breaks down to about 23,000 per year.  Of course, there are mitigating factors, numbers of soldiers, armament, technology, medical advances, etc., but 23,000 per year is the average. President Donald Trump told reporter and author Bob Woodward back in February that if he did not downplay the Covid-19 virus, Americans would panic. I wanted to always play it down, I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic,” Trump told Woodward.” In six months 200,000 Americans have succumbed to the virus, by my count that would add up to 400,000 per year. If you extrapolated those figures to Trump’s Covid-19 response, 7.2 million Americans would die in 18 years. So, is Mr. Trump weaker than all the Presidents he routinely favorably compares himself; or is it just incompetence?  He certainly has no problem trying to panic every cul-de-sac-Karen in the suburbs, telling them low-income people (read that black and brown) will invade their neighborhoods to rob and rape, and burn and loot their homes. Over the past few days, he has had no problem speculating that before leaving office, if he loses the election, that he will not leave peaceably.  

The only panic seems to be coming from the President, because the closer he gets to being thrown out of office the closer he gets to a  black and white striped wardrobe clash with his orange tan. The first of the family dominoes to fall will be his son Eric whose testimony is scheduled for October 7th.  Eric Trump is being deposed as a part of a fraud investigation into his father’s alleged tax scam and real estate business dealings. True to the  Trump legacy, the younger Mr. Trump sought to muddle the proceedings, make excuses, lie, and point fingers to avoid testifying. The New York Attorney General has called my father an 'illegitimate' president and pledged to take him down while she was running for office,” he said. “Her actions since demonstrate a continued political vendetta and attempt to interfere with the upcoming election. That said, since I previously agreed to appear for an interview, I will do so as scheduled.”  The Trump does not fall far from the tree. When caught, attack a judge, or attack a war hero and when all else fails, lie.

Vote in 2020 for Change.    

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