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The Only Good Medical Debt is Dead Medical Debt.

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We're going to kill some medical debt!

Annapolis, Maryland did it. (“Annapolis Church Wipes Out $2M In Medical Debt For Strangers”)
Minneapolis did it. (“Charity buys and erases crushing past-due medical debt.”)
People in Tennessee (“Medical debt being paid off for hundreds of Tennesseans.”) and Michigan (“Michigan Nurses Forgive $1 Million in Medical Debt for 500 Families Across the State.”) and many other places have done it in their communities too.

And we intend to do it in the Bay Area:
We're more than halfway to the goalposts. And with a little help from you, we'll get there.

We're Strike Debt Bay Area.

We can erase $1,500,000 in local medical debt and take that burden off of our neighbors who can't pay it. We know it can be done, because small groups like us have already done it elsewhere!

We're thrilled that folks have already stepped up with us and our partner campaign to raise more than 60% of the money we need to make our goal–and we need more of you.

Where else can you give your neighbor $1,000 in peace of mind and reduced stress by giving just $10 – or dig someone out of $50,000 in hospital bills by giving $500?

With RIP Medical Debt as our national coordinator, we deal with all the bureaucracy.
All the information you might need is available on the donation page.

We’re confident the Bay Area can do this.
Please donate what you can, and share this with your friends and your networks.
Your neighbors will thank you.

Donate here.

Brought to You by Strike Debt Bay Area.
“We Burn Medical Debt for a Hobby.”


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