Donald Trump

I guess the NRA thought the Parkland school shooting would follow the script of every other massacre:

  1. Americans would call for our politicians to finally do something 
  2. The NRA would then fundraise off the tragedy, and donate to their politicians to keep them in line 
  3. The NRA politicians would then offer thoughts and prayers to the victims
  4. Rightwing pundits would then viciously attack the victims who dared to demand that more be done….and then attack them again… and again
  5. Americans would then decide, once again, that it's just best to throw up their hands and move on. Politicians would follow and give up any renewed effort to pass gun safety laws.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the next big massacre the following week

After the Parkland killings, the NRA seemed to be humming along on schedule.  They broke a record in fundraising right after the shooting, and Trump and Florida's politicians offered their thoughts and prayers. When the high school students started speaking out for politicians to do more, the NRA attacked them on cue. 

They ran attack ads, called the survivors “civil terrorists,” and even peddled an outrageous conspiracy theory to Alex Jones that the Parkland students might have been actors. That should have done it.

But it was step #5 where things went off the rails. The students refused to go along with the script.

  • May 12, 2019