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The NAACP points out the rank hypocrisy

Once again, shocking but not all that surprising. Hasn’t anyone in the federal government ever glimpsed at Parler?

And the NAACP is pointing out the unbelievable hypocrisy in all this.


(For the non-tweeterers: “And you thought ‘Taking A Knee’ was too much!?!”)

Imagine if all these white people were Black people instead. Just imagine.

And this …

“This is what the president has caused today, this insurrection,” Mr Romney told the New York Times’ Jonathan Martin as throngs of pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol.

Did the Republican Party die today? I’m guessing there won’t be much stomach for protesting the legitimate Electoral College vote now.

Insurrectionists have taken the Senate floor. This is not a movie. And it’s exactly what Trump wanted. 


— Keith Woods ☘️ (@KeithWoodsYT) January 6, 2021


— Aldous J Pennyfarthing #GoodbyeAsshat (@AJPennyfarthing) January 6, 2021


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At this point I’m hoping the Incredible Shrinking President shrivels just enough to sluice down the drain of his shower and disappear forever.

Republican Party, 1854-2021. Rest in pieces.

This guy is a natural. Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry.” — Bette Midler on Aldous J. Pennyfarthing, via Twitter. The first history of the Trump Error is complete! Goodbye, Asshat: 101 Farewell Letters to Donald Trump is hot off the presses! Along with Dear Fcking Lunatic: 101 Obscenely Rude Letters to Donald Trump, Dear Prsident A**clown: 101 More Rude Letters to Donald Trump and Dear F*cking Moron: 101 More Letters to Donald Trump, you’ll see the Trump years from a hilarious new perspective. Click those links, yo!