Paraphrasing Pvt. Sam Watkins, 1st Tennessee, Co. H. ‘America has no north, no south, no east, no west,’ those words could apply to the pandemic. Watkins was lamenting brother against brother killing each other in the American Civil War. All of America is watching the unvaccinated kill each other and themselves fighting a losing battle against science. The unconvinced [minority] of masks opponents and vaccine deniers have not resorted, yet, to bloodletting by their local barbers, but we have had at least one death from drinking an aquarium cleaning chemical because it contained phosphate chloroquine. Now, in mostly red states, people are eating horse-paste dewormer and doctors are the enemy.

Battle flags, by conservatives, were raised over the in-depth study [Critical Race Theory] about how institutional racism has affected the laws of America. Like most things, discussed with intellectual-nuance, the GOP has reduced it to a bumper sticker, ah-la ‘Death Panels.’ With purposeful confusion and conflation of race and law into anti-white-Americanism, the right-wing has taken an obscure law course and made ordinary Americans think that teaching the historical facts of genocide, slavery, Chinese exclusion, Japanese internment, and xenophobia are meant to brainwash little white children into hating themselves; or is the real fear little black children will hear the truth?

I am a black American who has never been ashamed to be an American but has been embarrassed to be one, this is one of those times; the GOP is embarrassing America. The most recent steps to subvert the election are not where it started. I remember Republican Sen. Tom Cottons’ open letter to Iran, co-signed by forty-six of his Republican colleagues, undermining former President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal talks: “‘President Obama will leave office in January 2017,’ the letter read, ‘while most of us will remain in office well beyond then—perhaps decades.’” In 2015 then-House Speaker John Boehner sought to exacerbate the strained relationship between Netanyahu and Obama by inviting the former Israeli Prime Minister to speak before Congress without consulting Obama or the White House. Recent history has seen GOP legislators ignore obvious attempts by an American President [Trump] to sway an election through trickery and extortion and finally the Big Lie.

For years Democrats, Liberals, the Green Party, and others have called for immediate action on climate change. Less than two weeks ago, Lady Liberty was up to her knickers in water as the five boroughs of New York all flooded, simultaneously, for the first time in history. Conservatives, with the help of conservative Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, balked—loudly, at the idea of more money for climate change infrastructure. The definition of mass hypnosis, ‘Mass hypnosis is the ability to hypnotize large amounts of people at a time, persuading them to take action in some way. It is a technique commonly used in marketing and politics.

One of two things is happening in America, either mass hypnosis has led Americans to ignore common and learned sense or this is who America is. I would like to think that we are paying too much attention to the malcontents, and the maladjusted. Parts of the country is listening to a pillow salesman, radio jocks (alive and dead), and politicians like Madison Cawthorn, who at one time we would have run out of town on a rail, over doctors, educators, and dare I say it,  Rep. Liz Cheney. The spirit of Rod Serling still lurks.

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  • September 8, 2021