It’s quite soothing not to read about his latest idiocy on Twitter etc.

It’s a joy not to see him at all.

He wants a red carpet?

Wrap him in one and send it cargo to Florida, hopefully it will be lost in transit.

As for the twenty-one gun salute, I’d get rightfully banned if wrote down my thoughts.

PRESIDENT XXXXX says Twitter has silenced him. But in a way, hasn’t he silenced himself?
Though it may be hard to imagine after four years and tens of thousands of tweets, there was such a thing as a pre-Twitter presidency — and somehow, the leader of the free world managed to make himself heard. Even in the post-Twitter age, President Barack Obama didn’t rely on the service to communicate with the public. He didn’t have to, because he did what presidents before him had done: hired a press secretary who actually held news conferences. The press, in turn, put the answers from those news conferences in the newspaper.

Psst: Nobody tell him he has the loudest pulpit in the world a short walk away, the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room, I’m sure he could get a camera into the Oval Office if he asked nicely.

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