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The Media's “Damned if You Do, Damned If You Don't” Rules for Democrats: The 1st Night Debate.

Besides the odious Chuck Todd, there was another jarring part to the first Democratic Debate for president.  I have had to listen to the pundits and journalist say with certainty that Democrats CANNOT spend all their time attacking Donald Trump.  Voters want to hear what Democrats will do for the.  You have to have a positive agenda.  This has been pounded into the ground for several months now.  But these same pundits and journalists are now aghast that Donald Trump was not the focus of this debate!

The Democrats IMHO tried to answer the questions given to them, and because most of them are still relatively unknown, it was incumbent upon them to introduce themselves or at least present some ideas or just slogans.  In other words, they did what they could given the time constraints, and it is something that the media has been browbeating Democrats about.

But they didn’t spend time bashing Trump, so now, this is a failure that will haunt the Democrats!

I just love this “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” rule that the media has for Democrats.

If the Democrats had spent most of their time saying that Trump should be boiled in oil, you can bet the farm that the media would have said, “Democrats blew their chance to offer a positive agenda!  They are going to lose to Trump because when you make Trump the focus he wins!”  And I do not think that the media has the best interests of the Democratic Party at heart.  After all, Trump gives them ratings.

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And the flip side of this rule for Democrats is the infamous “If Mitch McConnell is still in charge of the Senate, what are you going to do to work with him?”  In fact, it is being asked more frequently, and it assumes that McConnell and his Republicans will still be in charge as axiomatic.  The onus is on Democrats to find “bipartisan” solutions because as the Sun rises in the East Mitch McConnell will run the Senate forever.

The media wants Democrats to internalize this and not fight to retake the Senate.  And it would make the media so happy because we would have to be “bipartisan.”  This is where that hack Chuck Todd was heading last night.  Booker had the best answer to Todd’s question.  You retake the Senate.  Period.

Essentially, the media wants a cage match between the Democrats and Trump, but they want to handcuff the Democrats.  If a Democrat is a southpaw, they insist he/she fight with her right arm. We do not need to listen to anyone who has a major conflict of interest, and given that the media is corporate dominated, our Democratic presidential candidates should listen to their voters during a primary.

Plus, there will be plenty of time to attack Trump.

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