The media threw a hissy fit and America is dying

I am watching our country slowly deteriorate, humiliated and unable to deal with the pandemic on any level and can’t help thinking that the major reason for this is, “but her emails.” There were other reasons. There was Putin, but really that is just an excuse. Anyone who knows anything about the Internet will tell you that those troll farms actually changed very few opinions. And there is James Comey. Has anybody in history ever made such a cowardly mistake with such epic consequences? He was scared of what the Republican’s might say? Really? Really? He should be forced to watch the video of bodies in a U-Haul truck over and over again for the rest of his life. But the media, and the New York Times in particular did not have to treat it as the story of the century. They didn’t. One below the flap story until things became clearer. Just a little bit of responsibility.

The media that treated the campaign as one long hissy fit because David Broder (who is dead) did not like the Clintons and what they were doing to “Our Town.” This is the reason we have Trump and we all know it. It is just nobody talks about it because the people with a megaphone are also the people who did it. There will always be people like Trump, half baked grifters selling you castles in the sky. It was the media that made him president. And now we watch America slowly die in a train wreck and there is nothing we can do about it. It is just too painful, not only that it is happening, but how we got here.

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