The Mad King Continues to Scare Republican Senators.

Some of the gutless GOP Senators decided to blab to the Washington Post and Politico about the latest meeting they had with the Mad King Trump.  The Mad King is feeling GREAT! and wants to fuck over Puerto Rico and take away healthcare from millions.  We have the usual frauds that go on record about wanting to do something about healthcare, which always translates into “Let those who get sick DIE and decrease the surplus population!” (See Republican Senator John Kennedy as one of those fraudsters).  

But this was the money quote for me:

One unnamed Republican senator told Politico, referring to Trump’s renewed healthcare push: “I want nothing to do with this.

The usual unnamed cowardly mofo who can see the danger in taking away healthcare for millions of Americans, but does not tell the Mad King that he is nuts to go on record to eliminate the ACA.  Or will go out to tell his constituents, “Not me!”

I’m betting it is some senator from a purple state.  Redstate bastards like McConnell and Paul do not worry about taking away healthcare for approximately 400,000 Kentuckians.  They will push for Trump’s “plan” for healthcare.

Oh, and one side note of “Never Trust a Never Trumper.”  Anyway see that parasite from the NYT’s called Bret Stephens on MSNBC today?  I know I did.  Twice.  

Stephens thinks Democrats should APOLOGIZE to the voters about pushing for a probe on Russia and release of the Mueller report.

Next, on the Mad King’s move to support the complete elimination of the ACA, Stephen thinks it is good politics for Trump.  It plays to his base, according to Stephens.  

Fuck Stephens.