The Killer in Chief said, “It is what it is”

The orange man said, “It is what it is”.  Well that is because he is what he is.  We all knew sort of , what he is but it was not until this mass murder conspired with his cult governors that “It is what it is”, that we have truly found out how he is no different from any man who is treating Americans like property  that he is trying to get rid of.

If people are going to march and I do not encourage mass gatherings at all but if you are going to, “ March up to whereever he is and Yell, “ Leave.  Today!  Leave !”  Can we really wait another 90 some odd days to rid us of this Killer.…

This is his mentality.

 Sean (Brown nose)Hannity  misspelled his new book.  It should read LOVE Trump or Die.  Free is code for Trump.  How free is someone on a ventilator you idiot?

Stupid Hannity’s book is  called Live Free or Die.   The i should be an o.   Just a matter of time before old Sean gets thrown under the bus.  All Trump devotees do.  Eventually.  I think he must have left Sean what money he has.  The only thing I can figure out for this enabling and look of love on Hannity’s face.