The Juggler

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece warning the American people to keep their eyes on the juggler, not the balls in the air. Yesterday, on the day the nation buried one of its voter rights heroes, Rep. John Lewis, Donald Trump tossed an ornate ball in the air.  On the streamer was a veiled threat to delay the November presidential election. Just a day before he reprised a scene from Lorraine Hansberry’s Raisin in the Sun, trying to scare white suburbanites about… melanin. The only thing missing from President Trump’s foghorn-tweet, were the words or phrases, Coloreds, Negroes, and you people, people living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream” would “no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low-income housing built in your neighborhood,” wrote Trump.

Of course, Mr. Trump ignored the monumental passing of Civil Rights icon John Lewis but took to a podium following his interment to praise former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, who died of Covid-19 yesterday, lie about mail-in-voting, scream “rigged” if I lose and continue the racist trope of the “China Virus.” In the middle of his word crudité and lost in most media accounts was an important story centered around America’s financial health. Since the country started recording GDP statistics in 1947, the 32.9 % drop in the gross domestic product is the largest contraction in recorded history. This blow to the economy was even more pronounced than the historical estimate of a 30 percent drop during the Great Depression. I suppose the South seceding from the Union may have been a bigger hit to the U.S. economy, but this is truly a historical failure.

A month ago presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden accused the President of raising the white flag in the war on the novel Corona virus. Joe was half right; he did not raise the white flag he fashioned it into a hood. He has made it a point to continually call Covid-19 the China Virus, despite pleas from the Asian community because it is endangering their lives. He tried re-floating the S-O-Bs kneeling balloon, but athletes in unison shot it down. Looking to bolster his sagging poll numbers and not being able to find a war to prosecute, he is riding his stalking horse onto the streets of America’s inner cities.  

Choosing the day of Mr. John Robert Lewis’ funeral, to do this, was not an accident, make no mistake. There are currently four former Presidents alive, and with the incumbent President, Mr. Trump, serving out his first term, that makes five who have held or hold that high office. Three of them spoke yesterday, Bush, Clinton, and Obama. The fourth, Jimmy Carter, who is 96 years old had his message read. The one missing President who was not welcomed, wanted, or invited to honor Mr. Lewis was Donald John Trump. As is his wont, the President refused to be upstaged, or have someone beat him in the ratings, especially two black men. Although no press conference was originally on his schedule he held a hastily held chat, because, in his world, a day without a lie is like a day without sunshine.

Vote in 2020 for Change.