The House Holds a Hearing. On Health Care, Not Hate or Hillary.

Someday, the US will have a rational health care system.  What will trigger such an event is as yet undetermined, but truth and outrage in the halls of the House of Representatives is one step.

Today, the House Oversight and Reform Committee (Chair Elijah Cummings) is holding a hearing on drug prices, and David Dayen is live-tweeting. You can watch the hearing here.

Outrageous, insane, unbelievably horribleness #1 :



— Lilly Green (@Suisser) January 29, 2019

Outrageous, insane unbelievable stupidity #1 :



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According to Dayen

Incidentally, at some point today @AOC will get her first round of Congressional questioning, as she's on this committee. @RashidaTlaib and @AyannaPressley as well.


Stay tuned.