The hits keep coming: Trump mispronounces 'Thailand' as 'Thigh-land'

I see the Trump campaign’s mission to define Joe Biden as a senile master of malapropisms is proceeding apace.



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TRUMP: “… shifting production to Thigh-land and to Vietnam, Thailand and Vietnam, two places that I like their leaders very much, they’re very nice to us. Do they take advantage of the United States.”

Does Trump have childish nicknames for every country (remember when he referred to Nepal and Bhutan as “Nipple” and “Button”?), or is this just his usual garden-variety stupidity?

Of course, if Trump were a freshman in high school, his nickname for the next four years would be Yo-Semites Thigh-land. Guaranteed. As it is, he’s allegedly president of the United States, so I guess we have to make fun of him from afar.

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