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The Halliburton of the Left

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Hey, why not DKOS ??? Take it to the bank!

We got contacts at the White House. They want to elect their favorite presidential candidate. Why not cut a deal like Halliburton in the 00's ?

Sure thing: we back off a skosh on pushing Bernie Sanders, they give us a multi-billion dollar MMM war biz contract.

My pick's a bombing gig just like in Heller's Catch 22.  We could damn near use B-24s.

Go big. Live large. Tote up $3 billion a year gross revenues. Draft a Milo Minderbinder MakeABuck one year non-compete to take over bombing ISIS in Syria and Iraq. These are milk runs. Walk overs, bombing idiots. USAF hasn't lost a plane there ion a year of missions. And subcontracting to Russia/2Stans/Iran with a modest 5% fee, bombers carrying a DK Air Force sticker like NASCAR can net this DK Air Force $150 million a year to cover server fees!

It's doable. CIA contracts out War Biz merc work 24/7/365. DoD is spending $9 million a day and they're only getting 20 hits for that. That's nothin'. Hell, that's fewer boom-booms that the Kurds delivered last week with their artillery barrages in the area around Kobani and Tal Abyad.

Go For Broke

As an alternative there's loosing the world's bounty hunters on them. ISIS has 50,000 fighters. Our own CSA Investor suggested a $1,000,000-a-head bounty.

One tweak would be needed: pay off in increments of 5,000 ISIS KIAs. Make the bounty hunters work together.

Tell me we couldn't get Turkey in there asap. Forget about Assad, kill 10,000 of them. Pocket $10 billion gross. And that's even better than bombing for the prime contractor. 5% on that gig pockets $500,000,000. That's for turkey on the Northern Front.

Same time the Kurds and Iran swarm ISIS from the east in Syria and Iraq. 20,000 KIAs on this Eastern Front grosses $20 billion.

Look to southwest Syria and the subcontractors go to Lebanese Army and Hizb Allah/Hezbollah. We already gave them the artillery and fresh ammo. Came in by ship through Beirut.

Another 20,000 KIA on the Western Front. Another $20 billion.

$50 billion to erase ISIS. Gotta love the budget implications. Maybe the U.S. could afford to fix a bridge or two next year.

We run this broader MMM Milo Minderbinder MakeABuck wipeout scheme and kill all of the ISIS psychos. That makes for a terrible bad day for the Permanent War crowd. The dearly beloved Carlyle Group investments… they tank.

Sheiks cry. Bushes cry. Adelman cries.

But hot damn! 5% of $50 billion for taking out 50,000 ISIS runs to $2.5 billion.

That there is Halliburton money, folks.

We could afford to hire Dick Cheney with that kind of money. Have him write pro-war editorials. Put 'em in the shredder.

More insanity below the fold….

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